1974889170 Travelling, Cultures & Values with Vanessa and Rinat

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Travelling, Cultures & Values with Vanessa and Rinat

September 22, 2020

In this episode, Robin's guests are Vanessa and Rinat, the hosts of That's the Ticket! Podcast. They chat about what traveling means to them, the birth of their podcast and friendship as well as sharing some of their own travel stories. Tune in and enjoy!

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The girls

Vanessa is an established and professional podcaster, whose podcast “Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast” has received 200,000 downloads and counting, and whose podcast clients are regularly receiving thousands to tens of thousands of downloads per episode.

Rinat had a long career in the software industry, including a Ph.D in Computer Science, but has decided after about 20 years in that field to focus on following her two big passions – meaningful travel and art.


That’s the Ticket! Podcast

Vanessa and Rinat are the hosts of That's the Ticket! - a podcast for people with itchy feet. That’s the Ticket! Podcast is all about travel, with a focus on meaningful travel. 

Vanessa and Rinat look at travel from different angles, exploring topics like self development, positive psychology, gamification and minimalism. They talk not just about travel tips and interesting destinations, but also about the value of travel and how to make travel meaningful and memorable. Listen to That’s the Ticket! Podcast if you want to enrich your travel experience.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/ticketpod

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatstheticketpod/ 

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